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My Online Hypnotherapy Services

Explore Altered Mind Hypnotherapy's range of services for adults and children, including Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for anxiety, depression, phobias, weight management, and smoking cessation. Start your journey towards better mental health today.


Initial Consultation - Free

I offer a FREE consultation session that provides insight into how your brain works and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your mental health and wellbeing goals.

45-60 minutes.


Individual Sessions - £75

I offer individual sessions priced at £75 to help you find solutions to your problems. During these sessions, we use deep relaxation techniques to help you enter a trance state where your mind is open to positive suggestion, allowing you to access your subconscious and create better outcomes.

50-60 minutes


6 Session Offer - £375

Unlock your potential and transform your life with 6 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions for only £375.

Saving over 20%

Phobia Package - £200

Overcome your fears and reclaim control of your life with our 3-session phobia package for just £200.


Smoking Cessation £250

Quit smoking for good with our proven 120-minute smoking cessation package for only £250, boasting an 80% success rate.

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