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The benefits of bonding with your pet

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

1, Stimulates your brain ‘love hormone’ (oxytocin) flow.

Oxytocin also prevents cortisol production. Elevated levels of this stress-hormone can cause weight gain, reduce immune function, and other issues. Cuddling with your fur baby can decrease your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and can even stimulate muscle regeneration.

2, Relieves anxiety and depression by stimulating your brain to produce your ‘happy hormones’ (dopamine and serotonin). It helps to nourish your mental well-being, concentrate on the ‘here and now’ and has a calming effect.

3, Make sure you allow yourself 10 minutes before you get up to have a cuddling session with your pet as it sets a good vibe for the day with it making you feel happy, calm and relaxed. Also before you go to bed as it has a soothing effect and helps to ease your mind from whatever happened during your day.


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